About Us

My name is Corinne Achiepo-Haboeck and I'm a mom of a 14 month old girl! Like every mom I love to shop for toys and other "necessities" for my little angel. And oh yes, I'm spoiling her big time :-)


After spending hours at local toy stores, researching Amazon and other online retailers I was highly disappointed! Finding good quality wooden toys is harder than I thought it would be. Plastic toys and "made in china" are dominating the market!


Being born and raised in Switzerland (not Sweden!) I know there are better toys out there! So I kept looking and came across a lot of nice wooden toys - ALL made in Germany or Switzerland! But the shipping fees are outrageous... 

Luckily for my daughter, my family loves her and spoils her just as much as I do! 

Unfortunately not every child has grandparents in Europe! And that's where the idea for my little business started... 

Wooden handcrafted toys and accesories are what I'm focusing on! They are mostly made out of beads. The swiss-german word for beads is "chräläli" and that's where the name "Chralalee" arised from! An "english" name for my clients but deep-rooted in Europe!


Every child is different! They have their own sleep-schedule (or not ;-) ), some are picky eaters others aren't, some love to read books, others prefer to play outside and again others are constantly after mama's stuff... It comes all down to being unique and individual! And again that's why my products are the way they are! Truly unique and one of a kind! They are all custome made! You, my customer, are the one who's designing the item!


Enjoy browsing my page and hopefully you will find something that suits your taste!


For any questions, suggestions or other remarks, don't hesitate to contact me!