My accessory board is a must-have for every little princess!

Stop fishing through your pile of hair accessories for that missing piece! It's time to get organized!

This handmade accessory board keeps all your hair clips and headbands organized in one location! It also works well with jewelry such as earings!


Have all your accessories beautifully displayed, seen at a glance and tangle free. Making it very simple to see and choose what your little princess wants to wear.


The top features flat ribbons to clip hair clips and hair bows to. The bottom portion is for everything else... The large loops on the side are for hanging headbands of various sizes.


Due to different size of boards, prices vary! Accessory board featured are ready to be personalized with ribbons of your choice. Prices shown are without shipping!

Personalize your accessory board by choosing the color and number of ribbons! TWO ribbons are included in the listprice. Additional ribbons costs $0.50. Loops come at $1.


This accessory board is best cleaned by wiping with a dry/damp cloth.

accessory board

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