The MAM-pacifier adapter is available in a range of colors.


These FDA-approved food-grade silicone adapter rings make it easy to attach a pacifier chain with loop to any button-style pacifiers from MAM, Gerber NUK, Razbaby, and other brands.


The add-on price is $1.50/piece


Important: don't forget to specify the color in the order form!



The silver jingle bell is a beautiful add-on to any product. Its wonderful sound catches the attention of your little one!


The add-on price is $1/piece


ONE jingle bell is already included in the following items: baby rattle round / semicircular, stroller toy high-mounted as well as side-gated. Stroller toy 4 arms comes with TWO jingle bells.


There is no limit on how many jingle bells to add to your item!


MAM - pacifier adapter