safety regulations




The maximal length of a pacifier chain (without clip and loop) is limited to 22cm / 8 1/2 inches!

Due to the risk of strangulation for Babys and Infants this should not exceed.


Cleaning and Storage

The products may be kept dry and if necessary cleaned with a dry/damp cloth.

NEVER use harsh cleaning supply and germicide!



Purpose of the pacifier chain

The pacifier chain is neither a toy nor a teether . I recommend to attach the chains only to the cloth of the child and not to use at nap or nighttime and never use in a crib, basinett, bed or playpen.


A pacifier chain is a piece of jewelry and NOT a teething ring or similar!



For the safety of your child

Advance notice: Before each use check all the products.

At the first sign of damage or wearness please discard!


Never attach the pacifier chain to ribbons, strings, cords, laces or loose parts of clothing. The child may be strangled.




Due to the impact of commonly use, the product may be shopworn. Wear and tear (fading, dents, cracks in color) with time is normal. 

This only leads to an unsightly effect but does not pose any risk to health. 




I give my best efforts to offer my customers a great quality.

The pacifier clips are non toxic and nickel free.

The cords/strings are tear resistant.


Nonetheless, improper use may result in a ripped item. In the process the danger arise, that small pieces (beads or similar) are swallowed.

Therefore I ask all customers explicit to never leave the child unattended while using a pacifier chain or similar.


For swallowing of little pieces such as beads and similar as well as ripping of the chain / rattle / toy, I assume no liability!


And again: Before each use check all the products.



Fun and happiness with your "Chralalee" products wishes you Corinne Achiepo-Haboeck